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SeaChase OBA

Location / Orange Beach, Alabama
Market / Condos & Multifamily
Services / Repair

Orange Beach, Florida: our skilled team transformed the SeaChase OBA condominiums, ensuring their longevity and visual appeal with a series of repairs and restorations. Throughout the three towers and amenity buildings, we replaced over 15 miles of sealants, effectively sealing and protecting the structures from moisture and other elements.

In preparation for the coating phase, we diligently performed minor concrete repairs as needed, addressing any issues on the balconies, common walkways, and stairwells. Additionally, we conducted minor stucco repairs throughout each building, restoring the integrity of the exterior walls.

The final finishes involved applying an acrylic coating to all three towers and each amenity building. This durable coating enhances the aesthetics and provides an added layer of protection against harsh coastal elements.

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