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Phoenix X

Location / Orange Beach, Alabama
Market / Condos & Multifamily
Services / Repair

Phoenix X is a project that involved several steps to repair and enhance the building. Our team pressure-washed all surfaces that needed repair and checked all existing sealant material. We cut out all faulty joint sealant material, including the sealant joints at the window/sliding glass door perimeters, building expansion joints, wall-to-floor joints, and stucco termination joints. Then, we sealed cracks within wall surfaces by cutting them open to provide a ‘V’ groove profile and sealing them with a urethane mildew-resistant sealant. Our team also treated the small rust spots showing on the walls and ceilings, which were small metal pieces such as rod chairs, tie wires, or bar ends that were close to the surface. We removed the limited areas where the existing ceiling finish had peeled loose, cleaned and primed the bare concrete, and applied a new texture finish to match the surrounding wall and ceiling surfaces.

After the surface preparation described above, all exterior walls, balcony walls, columns, and rooftop walls were primed where recommended by the coating manufacturer and coated with two coats of elastomeric waterproof coating, such as Neogard Neoflex or BASF Colorflex. Additionally, balcony and walkway ceilings, walkway walls, and exterior garage walls and columns were coated with Neogard Neocrylic or BASF Thorocoat. Finally, after proper cleaning and surface preparation, the balcony slab edges were coated with a stain-resistant coating – STO Lotusan.

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