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Casa Del Sol

Location / Orange Beach, Alabama
Market / Condos & Multifamily
Services / Restoration

For the Casa Del Sol Condo, our skilled team demolished its delaminated column to expose rusted and deteriorated rebar. We thoroughly cleaned and removed the damaged sections and replaced them with new rebar. To provide long-term protection against corrosion, we installed electrically loaded anodes on both the new and existing rebar.

We poured repair mortar with a 2″ offset to restore the structural integrity, reinforcing the column and ensuring its stability. Additionally, we implemented carbon fiber wrap on the exterior of the concrete, effectively postponing future corrosion and extending the structure’s life.

Enhancing the aesthetics and durability of Casa Del Sol, we installed a completely new stucco system and coating system. This transformation not only improves the visual appeal of the building but also provides added protection against the elements for years to come.


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