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Back Bay Condominium

Location / Orange Beach, Alabama
Market / Condos & Multifamily
Services / Repair, Restoration

For this Orange Beach condo, our team began by replacing the entire sliding glass door system throughout the building, including new concrete curbs and waterproofing for slider openings. We installed new windows and provided waterproofing for the window openings, enhancing the energy efficiency and aesthetics of the condo.

To create a modern and inviting atmosphere, we implemented a new Elevator Lobby Atrium Glass Storefront System, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The building’s exterior received a fresh look with a new sheathing and drainable EIFS cladding system on the east, south, and west elevations.

Our crew then conducted metal stud framing repairs, ensuring the structural integrity of the building. The balconies were revitalized with new balcony deck coating waterproofing, while new sealants were applied throughout the building.

Finally, we installed new walkway and balcony handrails to enhance safety and aesthetics, providing secure and stylish features. Concrete repairs were also carried out throughout the building, addressing issues and maintaining structural stability.

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