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Island House Hotel

Location / Orange Beach, Alabama
Market / Hospitality
Services / Repair

Our team completed a project at the Island House Hotel, which included several steps to repair various areas of the building. We repaired masonry slab edges and ceiling and deck spalls and keyed out areas for repair with mechanical methods. We also removed loose concrete from the sound cement substrate, exposed rebar, and applied Emaco P-22 corrosion inhibitor. We installed Emaco R-350 CI Repair Mortar for balcony ceiling repair areas and Emaco S66 CI Repair Mortar for balcony deck horizontal repairs. Our team also performed full-depth slab edge repairs using Emaco S66 CI, which we formed and poured. Finally, we painted all repairs to match the existing building color. Our attention to detail and expertise ensured the project was completed successfully, providing a safe and secure environment for the hotel’s guests and staff.

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