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WaterProof & Specialty Wall Coatings

With nearly 40 years’ experience in applying various specialty coatings, C-Sharpe offers Silicone Elastomeric, Acrylic Elastomeric, High Build waterproof, and Hydrophobic self cleaning finishes. Whether a building needs waterproofing and preservation or a cosmetic upgrade, C-Sharpe helps building owners and consultants select and apply the proper coating.

Waterproof Deck Coatings

Our deck coating installations include resort building walkways and balconies, parking garages, pedestrian bridges, stadiums and other structures. We are experienced with various Urethanes, Epoxies, and Cementitious coating systems.

Structural Concrete Repair

C-Sharpe provides full service structural repair where concrete building members are deteriorated. Our projects range from shoring multi story buildings and major support columns to complete balcony slabs and concrete spall repair.

Wall Cladding Repair & Replacement

Our work includes replacement of old EIFS with cement plaster stucco, and replacement of water damaged stucco and EIFS with new Water Managed cladding systems. These projects include replacement of back walls including framing and sheathing work.

Sliding Glass Door & Window Replacement

Making up a large portion of the building’s exterior, old sliding glass doors and windows can allow water to accelerate deterioration of the structure. C-Sharpe specializes in installing new products that are designed to meet coastal building code requirements where hurricane impact glass is required and where energy efficiency is a concern, including waterproofing the openings.

handrail replacement & Remediation

No matter the extent of repairs or scope of the work, C-Sharpe partners with building owners to mitigate safety issues related to handrail deterioration, offering repair and replacement services. Structural integrity is paramount as we deliver the value customers have come to expect.