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Thomas Hospital

Location / Fairhope, Alabama
Market / Healthcare
Services / Repair

Our team recently completed a comprehensive exterior coating and waterproofing project at the Northern Wing of Thomas Hospital. The scope of work included pressure washing all surfaces to be coated or painted, using a bleach solution to remove dirt, mildew, salt deposits, and contaminants. We checked all existing sealant materials for adhesion and pliability, removing and replacing all failed sealants, including the sealant joints at the perimeters and stucco termination joints in the coating area. Then, we coated all exterior vertical stucco surfaces on the East, West, and North elevations of the North wing with SilShield silicone elastomeric, primed and painted the porte cochere ceilings, pressure washed the brick on the North wing, and applied Loxon Silane Water repellant. Finally, the team scraped, sanded, and removed all loose paint on metal doors and cleaned and primed them before applying new enamel paint to both sides. Our team’s attention to detail ensured the project was completed successfully, providing long-lasting protection for the Northern Wing of Thomas Hospital.

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